The Yellow 90

The 90 is my third Land Rover and with TDi200 and soft top is pretty much my ideal. As Land Rover intended it is a true utility and gets used for everything from the daily commute to challenge events. Oh, and it came in yellow which I've grown quite used to.

Since purchasing it I've also had a bit of fun tailoring it to my needs either looking for ways to improve its off-road performance or just making it more robust.


  • Land Rover 90 (1984)
  • TDi200 replacement engine (again)
  • 1.192 LT230 with 4.7 diffs. Spare 4.7 diffs always welcome.
  • Simex 35x10.5x16 Extreme Trekker tyres on 7x16 steel wheels
  • Warn 8274 winch and H/D bumber. With thanks to Mark of TTRovers the bumper has now been raised and the winch set a little further back to improve the approach angle. Nice :-)
  • Snorkel
  • Nato hitch and jate rings
  • Jackable sills
  • Steering Guard (modified Rebel 4x4)
  • Checkerplate decoration and bright NAS Yellow (LRC584) paint
  • 3 man tilt courtesy of Mike
  • Weight 1900kg (1120/790 f/r)
  • Springs NTC8572 210lbs/in front and NRC4305 150lbs/in rear. A lot of research was done before changing the springs and I'm very pleased with the results achieving not only far better balanced articulation but an RTI greater than 1000 as well. If you're looking to do something similar check out my Spring Calculator together with some useful links to background info.
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